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Clean All Services has a long list of awards since 1991.

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How We Do It

Clean All Services provides a Quality Control Program that will be specifically designed for your standards.  In order to maintain an excellent Quality Control Program for you, we provide the following measures:

  1. TeleTeam — Teleteam is a timekeeping software which allows employees to use an 800 number to check in and out from their accounts. This program provides location verification with Caller ID, so Supervisors know where employees are clocking in and out from.
  2. Paging — The paging system alerts Supervisors when employees are tardy or absent at one of their assigned accounts. Supervisors are alerted via text message which allows them to take care of the problem as soon as possible.
  3. Cell Phones Our management team, supervisors, and customer service representatives all have cell phones so they can be reached immediately.  Clean All Services uses cell phones to ensure employees can be reached at all times in order to provide a quick response to your needs.
  1. E-mail — Employees actively use e-mail to share information or updates to others within Clean All Services as well as to communicate with customers. Several employees receive e-mail messages directly to their cell-phone which allows them to communicate with employees and customers if a question or concern comes about.
  1. Company Vehicles — Clean All Services provides company vehicles for their supervisors and management team. These vehicles feature the Clean All logo and contact information. These vehicles allow them to travel to and from different accounts in a timely manner and makes the whole company very flexible and able to respond quickly to whatever needs our customers have.
  1. Local Employees — Clean All Services hires supervisors and employees that live in your area. Supervisors reside in the area in which they manage. This enables Supervisors to manage their area efficiently and allows quick response time to any situation that may occur.
  1. Cleaning Technologies — Clean All Services operates two fully loaded carpet vans with high rated Rotovac systems and practice Green Cleaning by utilization of micro fiber technology, use of LEED Certified Vacuums, and peroxide-based cleaning products.
  1. Systems resulting in Low Employee Turn-Over - Because of our HR Management, interviewing process, pre-employment screenings, supervisor involvement, and our training program; Clean All Services has an employee turnover rate that is three times less than most janitorial companies our size.
  1. Carol A Snider Training Center — On September 21, 2006 Clean All dedicated a 1,275 square foot training center, named for their late Vice President of Operations, Carol A. Snider. Carol died in November of 2005 from Cancer. She was employed by Clean All Services for fourteen years. In a ceremony, as a part of a company-wide meeting of all employees, President Steve Shuchat presented a plaque to the family of Ms. Snider, which reads as follows:

Clean All Services Carol Snider“Dedicated to the memory of Carol Snider, Vice-President of Operations, For her Passion for Family, Friends, and Fellow Employees.”

A similar plaque was hung outside the entrance to the training center. The training center is used by new employees where they will be taught the proper techniques and sequence of cleaning. The area includes a classroom, mock ups of an office, a restroom, and a cleaning closet.