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Clean All Services has a long list of awards since 1991.

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Clean All Services History

In the 1920’s Israel Charles Shuchat brought his family to Piqua, Ohio and started a dry-cleaning business. Four generations and nine decades later the Shuchat family continues to be synonymous with cleaning in West Central Ohio….

Prior to 1984

Clean All Services - Charles ShuchatIn the Early 1920’s Israel Charles Shuchat brought his family to Piqua, Ohio and started a dry-cleaning business.  By the 1960’s, Israel’s son, Sam, relocated the operations into Sidney, Ohio.  Then, in the 1970’s Sam’s son Gary was brought into the family business and expanded into uniform and rug rental.

In 1983, Gary sold both rental and dry-cleaning businesses. In 1984, Gary and his wife Dee started a Janitorial Company.



Clean All Services Gary and DeeClean All Services started in March 1984 in the family den of Gary and Dee Shuchat’s home on South Main Street in Sidney, Ohio. Having grown up in the dry cleaning business, Gary knew cleaning chemicals and their uses. The budding entrepreneurs taught themselves how to do floor work, carpet cleaning, and general janitorial tasks. The focus of the business was on residential cleaning and carpet cleaning. However, they soon picked up their first nightly office-cleaning customer, Baumfolder Corporation. Stolle Corporation, Peerless, Thermoseal, and Copeland Corporation were soon to follow.

The employment level during 1984 was Gary and Dee, with occasional help from their four children.



Clean All Services 1985 BuildingStarting in 1985, Clean All Services leased a small building behind Franklin Avenue for operations and storage. Besides increasing our commercial and residential cleaning business, we started doing emergency work when a roof blew off the offices of the Brooklyn Avenue building of Copeland Corporation. In 1989, Gary and Dee purchased the property at 825 W. Russell Road. This acquisition allowed the business to grow and have space to have our first company-wide meetings.

Clean All Services EmployeeClean All Services during this time was able to employ some very valuable people who contribute to Clean All’s success. We thank Paul Brunswick, Marilyn Belt, Aaron Nason, Becky Nason, Barb Teague, Wilma Heistermann, and Margaret Humphris for joining the Clean All family during the 1980’s. Employment level at the end of 1989 was 43.




Clean All Services Carpet CleaningClean All Services purchased our first carpet van in 1990. Before then the carpet cleaning was done with small portable units. Pictured above is our newest van.

Clean All Services CBSE CertificationAlways trying to learn from others, Clean All Services joined the Building Service Contractors Association International, an international trade organization. Gary Shuchat in 1991 passed the equivalent of the janitorial bar exam, and received his CBSE certification.

Industrial and commercial business was increasing so well that it was decided to discontinue residential cleaning in 1992.

The employment level at the end of 1992 was 79.



Clean All Services Steven ShuchatIn 1993, a young Boy Scout executive returned home to Sidney and joined the company business. His name was Steve Shuchat. Steve, one of those fore-mentioned children, begins his journey through Clean All Services leadership.

Clean All Services Snow PlowAt Clean All Services, when a customer speaks, Clean All Services listens and responds. Snow removal became a part of our expanding services. Ceiling and wall cleaning, light fixture cleaning and replacement, after-construction clean up, and complete office furniture moving and set-up became a part of the business. We even feed swans! This expanding service menu required Clean All Services to set up a Special Projects Division to handle the special needs of customers.

The employment level at the end of 1997 was 104.



Steve Shuchat, now having five years under his belt with increasing responsibility, Gary and Dee decided it was time to semi-retire and promoted Steve to President. The company pitched together and got them their first motor home for their retirement.

Clean All Service AreaCarol Snider, who also increased her responsibilities over the years, was promoted to Vice-President of Operations. Gary Gibson was hired as General Manager, concentrating on sales development. This new management team under Steve expanded the service area well beyond the Shelby County area causing the creation of area supervisors.

Steve in 2001 received his CBSE certification. The employment level in 2002 was 147.



Clean All Services 2003 BuildingIn September of 2003, after experiencing continuing growth of 10-12%, and being suffocated of space at the Russell Road facility, we moved to our current facility at 324 Adams Street. This physical plant instantly tripled our usable space with seemingly unlimited space for further growth. Clean All Services is proud of its refurbished offices and work place. We look forward to being here for many years to come and being a quality, growing company serving west central Ohio.

Employment level at the end of 2004 was 178.



Clean All Services continued to grow until the middle of 2008, when like many other companies, they were impacted by the recession. Our employment level peaked at about 260 in 2008. By the end of 2011 Clean All Services was able to replace all the lost business and grow to employment levels of about 280.